Every Lines Other
by Lyx Ish aka Elizabeth Was

Creatures of Thirsty
by Payal Yagnik

Hold On To Your Hat
Interviews with Bern Porter

by Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Xerolage 66 Xerolage 65 Xerolage 64 Xerolage 63

Xerolage 66
Observations from a Book of Days
by Lucinda Sherlock

Xerolage 65
by Hâle Turhan & Göhkan Turhan

Xerolage 64
by Volodymyr Bilyk


Xerolage 63
Talking Heads 2
by Dmitry Babenko

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Xerolage 62
by Judith Copithorne

Xerolage 61
Arcturian Punctuation
by Stephen Nelson


Xerolage 60
by Mara Patricia Hernandez

Xerolage 59
my favorite martian comics
by Lin Tarczynski

FORTHCOMING: Lots A Nots O by Michael Basinski, Park of Unwired Asking by Ash Smith, ABAZOO, visual poems by Hannah Weiner, Oh We Most Certainly Do Pray Thee Well Farewell by Bern Porter, You Murderers With Your Indifference by da levy, I Have Seen Monsters and Angels by Eugene Jolas & Pomegranates by Robin F. Brox