How to Spell the Sound of Everything


Published by Xerox Sutra Editions


interwriting by Sheila Murphy & mIEKAL aND

2009, 8.25 " x 8.25 ", 84 pgs, b+w
ISBN 1-440461-56-2 | ISBN-13 978-1-440461-56-9


how to spell the sound of everything began in a burst during the fall of 2007, with mIEKAL's tagging Sheila for a patch of interwriting. the mist of exchange fractured excitement, spelled sequences of phrasic musicality. what happened then is happening now, only with ex post fact'o(f) savor. 10,000 things in the middle of a desert, who needs an oasis? How to Spell the Sound of Everythingthere are the wavy corpulae moments lean with vigor and enormous too that you see on cover front and kindred webbed multifluent hues on the (re)verse. signatories aligned to tidal movement, to earthly shivering letterforms. placist plenary syllabics find themselves arhyme. timetables by way of spillage are turned and amplified when four ears take the tincture of a quarter of a year and make a cryptacular thing come out in script. friction becomes fricative in the middle of night looking for water or Finnegan's Wake in the dark. synaptic-sparks that bless and wrest away the pesky uninformed slats of daylight minoring in wist. the gymnast of seductive meaning is in the backyard, away from understanding's domineering table twisters. The gyst of dharma shakes out feathery flings into a posse of shine. drinking plenty of Sheila mambo poetry—forms striving to learn heads and trees and pores and gemsome whees to be devouring with devotion.

interwriting thru time, thru delays & interruptions anticipated & otherwise (some gleaned some left mid-nacht)—when working together to gather one finds seizures of thought imposing its signature song field and attracting a once-over (ingregorian) to be sprawled across (mid-being). if the remembrance of edits precedes the reading, easily the moment of the words turning on themselves no known obstacle competes with this. fluidity is brave or sheer or sweet with opacity free of city, past the land, a blissful state of making takes the body of a heart out of its ruts and forms root systems. causality, while literal, is an allopathic rendering of the agitated taxonomy of two. mIEKAL waiting for his words to intune vowel patterns & long line curios. pre-thought is best thought. lo and beyond such into like cures likeness lacking in duplicatives the fricatelling references even while it lingers here and here and . . .

the beginning of section 5 sounds like:

all thinking less thinking deeper now words are what [I have defended them with them] today called upon to make them fabric in and underneath what is around them [to have blessed would look like what]
inside ordinary circumstances instances of indecision accumulate (abbreviate substantially) any preponderance of infant wonder black shoe white shoe one step too saturated for morning—3 kids on 3 different days run out the screendoor, slamming never looking back
rhapsodaisical (enc)losures soften mownness, yes? a tumbler full of rasp- and three of something other leaves the maturation process out of wonder in a capstone kind of way through to the circumstantial envelope screening or aligning or nether-minding mending having to be done inside (this cherished child one never has but is)
lack of rhapsody blinking at insects, wind indeterminate against clouds of still. anthem over declaring horn, stand and nod like the postman who should smile and say something about mother’s blankets or the delivery of perishables. everyone bankrupt long before the curse of nationalism rattles the windows.
able to perish, yes. a garden were his words. the exact fit for a prior only now are sects. and happenstance not really that determines no wait it does not matter. nor kept secrets. the endowment of young light condones wind instruments as if postered behind closed something where rush hour goes unfelt. the managed lack of care characteristic of them leaves clairvoyant out of the long list of synonyms and why not.

What other people have said

A confabulation of wit and wonder from Sheila E. Murphy and Miekal And, How to Spell the Sound of Everything takes you on a roller coaster ride through the time-space of the two authors. As they put it, "Themes dissolve emission prayerclouds."

- K.S. Ernst


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