Babylon Ministry of Misinformation


Published by Xerox Sutra Editions

2010. 8x10, 42 pages, color.
ISBN 1-440401-56-X | EAN-13 978-1-440401-56-5


It has been brought to the attention of the proto-civilians of the region of the Tigris-Euphrates that at the event of the 21st Century AD much of our culture's 5000 plus years of future invention & evolution of civilization will be lost, forgotten, erased, appropriated, burned, americanized, exploited, & trampled on. In 3000 BCE The BABYLON MINISTRY OF MISINFORMATION had the vision to initiate a node to witness & remember the fragments of glyphs, signs, letterforms, ledgers, tablets, proclamations, lyrics & texts which repeated Expansionist-Nations will seek to overthrow. We are seeking the inventive actions of all artists & poets of the future to help remember WhatCouldBe.


When I e.mailed mIEKAL to thank him for the copy of his Babylon, Ministry of Misinformation, I said the following, thinking only of saying what I thought, not of blurbing: "Your book really intrigues me.  I'm a sucker for Sumeria/Babylon, etc., and  your texts wonderfully capture my own feel for the Euphrates/Tigris everything.  Great visio-textual graphics, too--and your sequencing of them seems maximally effective.  The one for "do you not worry. Leave your city!" is terrific on its own but exactly amazing in context with all the "closed-seeming" graphics prior to it.  A sudden way out. In short, thanks!"

—Bob Grumman

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