smooth-anarchy font designed by mIEKAL aND & Liaizon Wakest

Created in 1992 by mIEKAL & Liaizon for the book The Missing Text of the Lost Tower

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Glitch Millennium Serif

Glitch Millennium Serif designed by mIEKAL aND

Created in 2004 by mIEKAL, a reworking of Glitch, a font created for Jake Berry's book Gris Gris Malkuth.

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protoBYTE designed by mIEKAL aND

Pictographs from Linear B, Indus Valley Script, Snake River, Cretan, Elamite, Iberian & a bit of Coptic. Designed by mIEKAL for the electronic visual poetry portfolio "The Babylon Ministry of Misinformation".

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