Gothick Institutions

2005. 76 pages, 6x9, b + w.
ISBN 0-9770049-0-2 | ISBN 978-0-9770049-0-4

"Ostensibly a volume of poems, this dense glossary packs the deep gratification of his best prose. But at its best, Gothick Institutions is neither poetry nor prose while obviously both—because buried in these pages we find wrinkled love letters from our spiritual ancestors reincarnated as the crinkly cartography of our future utopia."

—Anu Bonobo, Fifth Estate, Winter 2006

from the book:

Remote Viewing

Imagine an alternate dimension
where dervishes are roaming around America
sects of Swedenborgian hobos etc.
You're there camping in the graveyard
long black hair in tangles, ghostwhite face.

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