In White Writing

2012, 6" x 9", 84 pgs.
ISBN 1-936687-03-8 | EAN-13 978-1-936687-03-9

In White Writing is a narrative visual poem or graphic novella or both. A record in either case of a life lived on paper, the writing-dust of 2007-10 retrieved, collaged and drawn over, drawn back on itself in a wholesale reversal or revaluation of print values, white text and images showing up and out of a solid and dreamless black ground.

If there is no point of rest, if everything is loose but nothing is torn, if there is no monochromy of image-category, romantic nonsense is transformed into a multiverse, a comic heterotopia. Deliciously so in Alan Halsey's graphic series In White Writing. Where there is the history of culture – of relativizing cultures – there is no order. Gradually, everything descends, or is freed, into 'demockery'.

—Cal Bedient, Lana Turner

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