Published by Xerox Sutra Editions

2006, 6x9, 60 pages, b + w
ISBN 978-0-9770-0493-5


Created in 1993 with the hypnotic assistance of my 5 year old son Liaizon. All glyphs were generated with an archaic bitmap font editor. Text printed in Glitch Millenium designed by mIEKAL

This project follows the Semioptics font project which has has yet to be completed.

"mIEKAL aND is busy recreating a past both futuristic and ancient."

"He has recently released an edition of logokons: an alphabetic bitmap narrative of the endless society under the Xerox Sutra Editions imprint.* mIEKAL might call it a narrative, but logokons is more glossary than chronicle. What we find in its pages are bold bitmapped images working at the level of the pixel—or, at least, the pixel-thought, since every image is created out of squares arranged in rigid patterns. There are no curves in this world, simply right angles. But there is much a right angle can do."


Word::Icon::Place Geof Huth reviews Logokons


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