Lots Sa Nots O


by Michael Basinski

2017. 8.5x11, 154 pages
ISBN-10: 1-936687-40-2 | ISBN-13: 978-1-936687-40-4


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mIEKAL aND said: Write something about Lot Sa Nots O.
About? An autobiography?
A ghost said: Just write anything. Some unmeaning of an artist statement. You know, you know, politics, recycling, or say something French, Bordeaux or Je suis Paul Adam or you know, je ne comprends pas.
Oh Jesus, isn’t it enough I have to go to the supermarket and the dentist? And then there’s the dishes.
A ghost said: Get with it slugo, this is the business of poetry! You think W. H. Auden didn’t have to do this?

Traditionally subverted by words and the writing of direct meaning I enjoy welcoming the others, monsters, ghosts, aliens to have Mardi Gras and carnival in the realm of the poem. Narrative and singular visually, sound manipulation, choral or ensemble permeable improvisational reading and recitation get to dance in their underpants.

This is Flexus and coelacanths! What do you think?
A ghost said: OK. Stretching is always boring.
A wish? A wish. How to make something formless and instantaneous into something stiff and frozen.
A ghost said: Well that frozen is where a thing like me, a ghost, begins. I can’t be out here in the UN without a form tomb.
OK, OK, let’s got have a drink. It makes me so tired to think about this, and sugar in my diet, and oil changes, and spring, and pop bottles, and a 5lb bag of potatoes, and love and torment, and ecstasy and restaurants.


from Slug Trails

Lot Sa Nots O by Michael Basinski


from Vowel Animals
Lot Sa Nots O by Michael Basinski

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