The Universe: A Mirror Of Itself

1993. 7 x 8.5, 32 pgs. b + w.
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From the book: "We might well emphasize certain aspects of his [Fourier's] social teaching which possess an almost eery resonance with our own contemporary politique. The Harmonian Way still overflows with potential for enriching our post-Situationist, post-dada, post-anarchist epistemology, 'pataphysical driftwork, poetic terrorism, TAZ-praxis, etc...." This pamphlet was presented by the Author in its entirety at the First Conjuntion of the Bender Hollow Phalanx & "G" School Association during the 1992 Dreamtime Corroboree, Dreamtime Village WISCONSIN.

Utopian poetics: the question of aesthetics and the role of art. In Harmony, although some will be more "creative" and others less so, clearly a condition will be realized which the Situationists called "the suppression and realization of Art" - a reflection of the paleolithic "shamanic democracy" in which "everyone" is an "artist". Fourier anticipated 12-tone music and the "happening" (the "Museum Orgy", in which the phalansterians pose and perform erotic skits for each other); his style pre-shadows Surrealism and its later successors; his theory of Analogies virtually IS surrealism; and his vision of the Opera as total art-work not only preceeds that of Wagner but also Breton, Artaud, and even Joseph Beuys, Fluxus, Neoism, etc., etc.


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