the wisdoms of the universes in a single string of letters


A record of the 2013 International Pwoermd Writing Month

2015, 5.06 " x7.81 ", 164 pgs, b+w
ISBN 1-936687-26-7 | ISBN-13 978-1-936687-26-8


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#Pwoermds by Hâle Anbar & Gökhan Turhan, mIEKAL aND, Gary Barwin, Robin F. Brox, Mike Busam, Mike Cannell, Jeremy Casabella, Rachel Defay-Liautard, Catherine Ednie, Mara Patricia Hernandez, Michael Hollander, Geof Huth, Satu Kaikkonen, Karri Kokko, Bob Marcacci, Matt Margo, Suzanne Mercury, Zsuzsa Mitró, Eden Myers, Stephen Nelson, Bri Ng, Boyd Nutting, Chris Piuma, Timo Salo, Spencer Selby, Sven Staelens, Jan Szreniawski, Piotr Szreniawski, John Moore Williams, Wosky, Mark Young.

from the introduction by Geof Huth:

There is enough in an individual word to make a poem, and this anthology shows how. Using the texted voices of people from many parts of the world, this book brings together a month of creativity. In April 2013, the world, or a tiny tiny fraction of its participants, created pwoermds as part of International Pwoermd Writing Month VI (or InterNaPwoWri6). Some did this every day of the month, and some did it only occasionally, but what you will find between these pages are the pwoermds of those pwoermdists that mIEKAL aND and I knew about. These poets wrote primarily in English, but also in a number of other languages, and a quick glance through its pages will show that people found imaginative ways to make pwoermds, that these poets are the swimmers-through- language.

You will also note that some of these pwoermds take on a required visual form and that others do not. Some of these are visual pwoermds, and some of these are unadorned sequences of letters. The visual pwoermds bring the opportunity for more sources of meaning to the pwoermd, but most pwoermds have to be visual to understand them: Most are invisible if spoken.


"PWOERMDS are what is not there, but made to be. Like most art works, they hover in the shadows, dismembered and fertile as plant cuttings, waiting for cultivation from wordsters, listeners, viewers. Those who compose such cultivars are reaching into the dark earth of their wordbrains, lighting seed letters into word being. Word composts are re-membered and language is set afire."

—Boyd Nutting

"This is quite a pleasant surprise. In fact, it's first time in my life that I've been included in an anthology of work that I thought I never made."

—Spencer Selby

"There are no dictionaries of pwoermds. There are only collections."

—Catherine Ednie

"Writing a pwoermd is like origami. Words are folded, bent, creased and finally turned into something else. There's a lot to unpack and tease apart from these seemingly simple objects, and no limit to what one can do with them."

—Mike Busam

"All that pwoermding fries the brain."

—Stephen Nelson

"pwoermds are simple, yet not simple. They are the ultimate in quantum poetics. phonemes and fragments, the manipulation of syntactic dna. pwoermds are an odd mish mash mongrel mix of visual poetry and the linier, requiring a detailed analysis of what makes the word, of signifiers and signified. What is meaning? What do these micro texts mean and what do they represent? “This is not a pipe”. a word is not its subject. It subverts the commonly thought of purpose of words (to convey meaning). pwoermdists and pedants may not see eyeye to eyeye, but the pwoermds are much more then single words. they are the art of putting a lot into a little. "

—mike di tommaso (nee cannell)

"A poem is a pwoermd in need of an editor."

—Chris Piuma

"Writing a lot is easy. Writing only what you want to say is something that comes with time and much, much effort. It is not editing. Editing is hard. Editing is taking out all the words that I didn't need, like how I've learned to take out all the extra stuff in the suitcase before a trip. Do it enough and you don't even get the suitcase out anymore, you know you can get it all in the overhead compartment. Pwoermds are those stripped down carry on bags of poems. Pwoermdtry is the fire where I burn all those words, the unnecessary letters even."

—Eden Myers

"The pwoermd is a viable solution to both the problem of the poem and the problem of the word."

—Matt Margo

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