24 • James Koehnline


"This series is the residue of recent reveries regarding time, calendars, almanacs, maps, charts, tables, schematics, the psychic grid, model realities, etc. - a lot of fooling around in search of angles from which to approach my next project - the deconstruction of tie." Phenomenal collage work.

James Koehnline (pronounced KEN-line) is a collage artist whose work has graced many anarchist periodicals & books as well as music CDs; has co-edited a number of books and had his work collected in Magpie Reveries. Designs and edits the yearly Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints which is also is the thematic core for the Daily Bleed Calendar (now online for some 7+ years); currently resides in Seattle, Washington, worked for some years at Recollection Used Books.

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