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Bob Grumman rides a bicycle to and from Charlotte High School in Florida where he substitute teaches (just about) every weekday to support himself. A critic as well as a poet, he has been a regular columnist for Small Press Review for around ten years. He is also a failed playwright, and a theoretical psychologist with a book he hopes soon to self-publish on the cerebral dysfunctionality of people who believe Shakespeare was not Shakespeare. He's been a serious poet, on and off, since he was around 24. The past fifteen years or so, he's specialized in visio-mathematical poetry, particularly long division poems like the two concerned with arguing and agreement here. His other poems here include a sonnet (using both leftward and rightward, or conventional, rhymes), his favorite among the conventional haiku he's composed, one of his earliest Iowa plaintext poems and a later one, and two visual poems besides the visio-mathematical dyptich.


Review of Xerolage 30 of E-ratio


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Review of Xerolage 30 of E-ratio
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