37 • Andrew Toppel


from the introduction:

Andrew Topel’s ASSASSIN [Xerolage, 37], is an entirely handwritten book, a pleasure to see in this age of word processing and electronics. Topel uses a pen, one of the simplest and oldest of writing tools, to create a wide variety of effects, from illegible asemic scrawl to carefully inked letters looking almost like type. Topel’s work here presents immediately and graphically (“literally”?) the multiplicity of consciousnesses, the layers and resonances, that are normally created in poetry by metaphor, punning, and other means. Access to these multiple layers becomes a visual experience, literally one of reading between the lines; and under them and over them, and across them, and through them. Each of his pages uses a different form, or shape, or approach, and they are all endlessly fascinating, engaging the mind and eye together to create constantly shifting and expanding universes of meaning.

—John M. Bennett


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