38 • Peter Ciccariello


Imaginal Landscapes

I can't believe I'm finally seeing all of these images together, resonant families, communalities, Kristeva's chora-chorus! Wonderful! Such original work - these are master-mistress-pieces - their philosophic tendencies ring true, readings and rereadings. I've followed their development just as language murmurs, burbles - their linguistic-paleontologies, infinite and indeterminate depths. Where is the locus of these landscapes? Who are the inscribers? Who are the inscribed?

—Alan Sondheim

I wondered how Ciccariello's swirling-colored imaginary would translate into the de-rigueur black-and-white of the magnificent Xerolage series; the results are vertiginously thrilling. Surfaces, pliable and lapidary, inscribed with disoriented fragments of words and alphabetic spasms, collide and interweave in a visual dance of merging and emerging.

—Maria Damon

Put on your Alice-in-Wonderland head and dive into these poems. Don't be surprised if you run into Ian Hamilton Finlay and M.C. Escher, and, I swear, Franz Kafka's cockroach (he's a bit shy though), and many others who have enriched our imaginations. These are sensuous lettrist landscapes to inhabit, to help escape the habits we often reside in.

—Crag Hill


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