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proviles encouragolage

I am delighted by the originality of his master-motive buttoneye bird-twists placed against page-turning alphanumeric foliage.
—Irving Weiss

from the introduction:

Now, I’d like to say you’re seeing the results of my one-day art binge, of my subjugation to the shackles of art rules, art impulses, art battles – the pretty angel on my left shoulder whispering Make something nice and upbeat, it doesn’t have to contain bad language or crazy lines, and the little red devil on my right shoulder whispering Buy her a drink and shut her up; if she knew what she was talking about she wouldn’t be working for you. I’d like to say you’re holding proof that I’m mad. But alas, that’s not the case. Only 21 pages of this publication contain content written/drawn/mutated on April 1st, so technically I might be 64% mad. Originally I had 24 pages wrapped and emailed to mIEKAL on April 2 after scanning and positioning a few pieces I finished before midnight on the 1st. But then mIEKAL replied that I was supposed to do 28 pages and in black & white only. Of course I had forgotten. When I had agreed to the task in October, my mind was basking in the idea of the vacation time I had allowed my self during the 1000 Drawings project. Remember? Sure you do. But how can one remember all the days of the week when so many are named the same! How can this wretch be expected to know that in the anything-possible-world-of-visual-poetry and calamitous invention that page count is thuggish and that black & white is colorless?

So I sighed about failing to do Xerolage 44 on one day and figured hell, I’ll go nuts for real, which equals 64% mad, and spend a few more days tidying up where I’d rushed things and adding 4 more pages. I don’t know to whom I apologize for not meeting the unnecessary challenge (except to mIEKAL who should be thankful I’m not apologizing for considerably more), but I’m sorry that I didn’t. I wanted at least the ridiculous part of the great idea to have credibility.

Thomas M. Cassidy (aka Musicmaster) is a fixture in the international smallpress/mail-art community and his works have appeared in hundreds of offbeat publications, and solo and group shows around the world. He has shown/performed at dozens of colleges, universities and galleries across the country and has participated as a performer, producer and chalk artist in the Minneapolis Fringe Fest since 2002. His doppelganger has held the same real world job for 28 years. He owes his sliver of sanity to his beautiful and tolerant wife, Dawn, and their two deranged children.


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