56 • Rosaire Appel


P'layout Intrusions.

p'layout = page layout.

I noticed finally that I've been noticing page layouts for while, a long while even, perhaps since childhood. I remember how pictures and words were dispersed in those first books. Maybe everyone does. The subject is: the arrangement of information on a flat surface — not in terms of good and bad design — but as a language in its own right. It's a language that has a lot of formality, like architecture. Books, newspapers, magazines of course — contemporary and historic — and also ancient writing on papyrus, on stone, on clay….

No doubt my (abstract) comics are inspired by this also.
I'm not researching however, I'm not even thinking about it: I'm just noticing it in the world — and exploring it on the page.
The foundations of these compositions were blocks of newspaper text to which I added shards from my own commercially-printed book proofs. They're collages of layouts — with additions and subtractions — suggestive, allusive.

features the flotsam and jetsam of partially hidden dialogue; language as an exploded view--as a blur doused in ink. Here, the possibilities of space and displacement form in a marriage of images and text that boast this inaccessible, yet very accessible decomposition-- laying out form and anti-form, while suggesting the possibilities of the impossible.

—Matina Stamatakis

The pages of P'Layout Intrusions by Rosaire Appel unfold like a graphic novel, a near wordless journey through text turned geography. Organic shapes and columnar panels invite us to narrate for ourselves the action of Appel's thoughtful collage sequence.

—Robin F. Brox

Rosaire Appel's Intrusions Playout is one book of visual poetry that will register on seismographs all over the world. Each page is in the midst of topsy-turvy seismic activity: fault-blocks of text upturning, image-magma under immense pressure erupting into space, molten lava bursting into flame. Bring a hard hat readers!

—Crag Hill

Xerolage 56

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