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Hooch Pop Typos

Hooch Pop Typos collects individual works spanning approx 3 years that seek to mimic the aesthetic of degenerated photocopies using the tools of Adobe Photoshop.

As a visual artist it soon occurred to me that I could not exhaust the graphic possibilities inherent even in the earliest versions of programs such as Photoshop. I also knew that I wanted to evade any conspicious use of said digital tool. I have always relished my forays to copy shops where I would plunder the recycling box beside the machines and proceed to reduce and enlarge, cut and copy the found images until a desired effect was reached. These trips became more and more infrequent and my desire to procure a simple working copier for home studio use never materialized. I turned to the programs on my desktop computer.

Bill Mavreas is a visual maverick whose hands are full house from the first bit to the last word. He's been experimenting with the depot of images found from photocopyshop bins to www which are perfect witnesses to our actual and sincere being, for they're what's left over from us at the end of the day. &, He's been configuring them to their utmost present entity—for I believe his works allure the 'reader' into photocopyshopping them. A mere glance and a profound perusal by eyes unto his works both have differentiating taste, in that the image-texts you're witnessing are clearly proposed to the eye with a gusto of everyday life in its entirety by Mavreas himself. Each image is awaiting your move to xerox them & send 'em to whomever you want as mail art grinnings.

Mavreas's images (yep, they are his and ours and theirs at the same time) propagate a linear reading with a cosmogony by itself that emits a bittersweet chaos whereby the 'readers' may please themselves with constellations cropped back to the formative phases of beautiful diorderliness. Nature graphic. Graphic aesthicity of the images is well-compiled, which surfaces a network of graphs & nodes through tangible connectivity of mycelia-like structuralism that connects the reader and the images all together allthroughout..

—Hâle & Gökhan Turhan

Billy Mavreas is a Montreal lynchpin: his posters were the backbone of an entire subculture, his store is a wonderland of artistic potential, his minicomics are the wordless narratives of an era, his graphic novels the silent exploration of personal faith. At every turn his work has challenged and blurred boundaries. A constant thread through each of the periods has been his dedicated engagement with visual poetry. This collection offers a tour-de-force tour of forces beyond semantic control. With each of these poems Billy Mavreas becomes the ghost in the machine, hijacking clarity at gunpoint for a joyride through the glitch and the gutter, the pixel and the punctum. Mavreas's work combines visual poetry with street art, graffiti with comixs in a way which revels in the slippage and the strike-through. An officianado of juxtaposition, every piece undermines the reader's grip on process and approach; what remains is ecstatic and sinister.

—derek beaulieu

Mavreas creates exquisite digital collages presented in black & white, often linear formations, that have the feel of asemic poetry in a very raw, truthful form. These stark graphics have purposeful but mysterious lyrics woven into material layers, stacked like the building blocks of fine sculptures, or pared down to tiny signs meant to be puzzled out (or not!); and themes develop, moving us in different directions. Xerolage editor mIEKAL aND has done us a great service with the publication of HOOCH POP TYPOS.

—Catherine Merhl Bennett

Where Surrealism meets Star Trek. Where Conceptualism is fertilized by Marvel Comics. Where Peter Rabbit greets neuroscience. Where Asemic writing consorts with Picasso. Where Jules Verne introduces the future generation. Where the unconscious eats Thanksgiving dinner on Jupiter.

—Judith Copithorne

Xerolage 57

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