66 • Lucinda Sherlock


Observations from a Book of Days

2017. 8.5x11, 24 pages.

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from the introduction:

This work is the second journal in an ongoing series of books that have been born out of the necessity to find a language in which I could communicate.
It is nonverbal perhaps asemic or vispo?
This small book contains text and images that are responses or observations that are driven by a compulsion to make art.
The pages are written on double or single pages. Using a variety of processes and mediums, I have continued to explore a diverse range of techniques and text placement. Some pages have more formal structures than others. On some pages the words have just spilled out in layers and with a great force of energy.
This book examines ideas, thoughts, and words.

Each of the sequential explorations of Observations from a Book of Days confirms a taut interior logic that Lucinda Sherlock brings to this highly intentional work. The book is highly concentrated and powerful with meanings. Each potent image resonates with magnetic authority that draws the reader toward its depths. The compulsion of which the artist speaks in the prefatory notes is palpable in the art itself. The drive through variegated textures and dreams explodes in the awareness of this perceiver. Whether botanical, taxonomic, or textual, the pages spawn longing, intrigue, and desire.

—Sheila E. Murphy

Xerolage 66
Xerolage 66

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