H a n n a h   W e i n e r
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photographs by Barbara Rosenthal

introduction by Charles Bernstein

1989, 8.5x7, 75 pgs, $8.50

Weiner on the origin of Weeks:

"My friend, the writer Barbara Rosenthal, gave me a page-a-day diary last Christmas to encourage me to write. Not seeing words anymore, I looked for another source. I found it in the TV news, which accounts for the bulk of the material. I typed it up week by week, which accounts for the title." from HOW(ever) Vol.3 No.4, January 1987 - http://www.scc.rutgers.edu/however/print_archive/hwnotes.html

Weiner reading Weeks @ PENNsound:

(1/3) - (2/3) - (3/3)

Charles Bernstein on Weeks:

Weeks, in its extremity, represents the institutionalization of collage into a form of evenly hovering emptiness that actively resists analysis or puncturing. In Weeks, the virus of news is shown up as a pattern of reiteration and displacement, tale without teller . . . Weiner’s Weeks is a shocking cul de sac to a tradition of the found in American poetry – a tradition that includes, by any brief accounting, Charles Reznikoff’s Testimony, Sterling Brown’s ethnographic encounters with the black oral tradition, William Borroughs' cut-ups, Jack Spicer’s “received” poems, Jackson MacLow’s processing of source material, or Ronald Johnson’s erasure of Milton in radi os” (from his introduction to Weeks, "Weak Links")


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