She acts as a potent, biting & scratching the culture of suitable placement. Jewelry & amulets fulfil her imaginary nutrition & when the silver lamp reappears, he hastens his step homeward. The awareness a woman can be by blending her color with his scent gains any love's pleasure.

The standard body is inclined to reject substance embarked upon without due situation. Should disturbing spheres become erect, the fingers may tremble, but not for old age. Eggs, licorice, walnuts & kernels of nutmeg shift the passions of light & dark to the birth of three heads. In completion of depth, the body drinks 1000 different odors. Even the command of a sad moan splits the outcry of rages above. A couple about to drown fires their alarm.


4.25x5.5, 32 pgs, $3. Neologisms deconstructed into concrete poems; concrete poems summed into neologisms. In the tradition of Kamensky, & word-puzzles. [Published by Runaway Spoon Press]