1983, [revised 1987], 8.5x11, 108 pgs, $10.25. A transformative language cut-up long poem which reckons with the unspoken fears of nigredo. the dark night of the soul. 100 drawings by Jake Berry invite countless associations with the writing to form a work which growls & whispers.

To metamorphose the material

around the metaphor

"No one paints the contemporary

by a sure ear for slant

Never occurs often

snapped back to possibilities

figure; a line of curling, white

sitting in front of a small

A graceful whorl of earth; and stone snakes

day's myths and today's hammer.

Intimacy is something

The columns stand like waiters

last seen in a little village

and see through but a different

Here is that face

wind off the lake

he apparently listens to all

but to peel the bark from

is less stentorian than old-

in time a head

more and more air