Pulsing vividly,
the lines of polyester need no amplification
parallel & comingling, acceleration
through disruption, not insulating but taken back to the kitchen
to be pralined, levitated,
stopped on a cut dime
as kansas spreadeagle
one 45 garnet seed
dreaming slumlords in space.

The space of silicon ive just eaten
contains 10,000 amplifiers.

          our neomayan civilication
bathes in radio-waves, insects-eyes the sun
into 10,000 tapestries
of resistance & distortion, amplification
& personal intent.

The lines of personal intent,
fruitful compression of
random-tuned chemical gymnasts
in limber 5shade lime brocade taiga,
quaver summer limply,
anatonmy of blue pencils numerical code &
cheap ceramic crabs like partial swastikas
on the sand was superhighway,
thumbfit thrownback fibreglass loveknots
sculpting silent inflatable
the synapse needed to make the sky a mirror.

Superhighway do not blend of pulse,
demanding the punishment of gravity & friction,
ecstacy of sudden radical temperature change.


1982, 11x8.5, 24 pgs, $5. Non-idomatic, non-referential, non-syntactical poem for new readers. With collaged imagery by Atma.