Angels in the Carburetor

  the meat of a car
                  the boneless brisks
        visual heartkey
                      pavlovian advertising
    3 days rations on an artificial knee
    the oceans beefing up their blue
                      the opposite of blush--
partial paralysis
                no way to see level from
     whales stitching the ocean, eyebrow highways like
     slug trails phosphorescent & slickery
surrendering beneath the buckle of a personal interstate
                a tavern too friendly
   empty boxcars the cerebellum stumbles across
   12 volt sidewalk   a 4door mask
     someone climbing out of the football
dead pickle shadows
                   grooming my finger
   cultivates the beach, the beak, the gasoline
  of dreams too fast for cattle collapsing the
animated plywood in peacock combat of genetic glossalia,
  methedrine sign language through a footthick window
taxiing into the waiting shell game of flea powder
     & bedrooms too warm for breakfast
     popping under the weight of parcel post
since it wont fit anyone of this topography,
 grandpa pulling the keys from his ear
               & an army of scarlet kerchiefs
inhaled by black metal trees, bearded pearls,
    hot coffee instead of a hat


1985, 7x8.5, 58 pgs, $6.50. With xerolages by Miekal And. Editor of NRG, Raphael is notorious for non-stop psychedelic word streams that revel in the sound & images of the English language. This book stands next to any other of "languaged" writing without the telltale cliches.