1989, 8.5x7, 75 pgs, $8.50. Photos by Barbara Rosenthal, introduction by Charles Bernstein. At one point in her life, this clairvoyant author saw her books on her forehead. This book, however, is a hearing of the world as it happens, one writing per week. One quickly learns by reading that there is no logic to disaster or everyday life. Of special interest to mediaglots.

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One idea leads to another    One line before the day     Hardly any money was raised    Another idea leads to this eating chicken at Bernadette's    Eating nuts at my house    You dont have to read the newspaper on Guatemala but it sits on the table      It doesn't create life    A stitch in time    The page is written in for me    I did it my self at another time    In the spirt of creation    Everyone is too loud    There is never a reason for everything    The ten best movies of the year    In time on time    They're upstairs making a decision that could save a man's life    The death of Carl in case the heart doesn't fit him    One inmate was killed by his fellow prisoners    I'm too bored to talk to you    I didn't know Carl    I have my own deaths to remember   The better the butter the bitter the writer   More news to follow    Pavorotti plus    The image of pop corn    So you could see just what a year on film it was   There is no pleasure in starting at the top of a blank page   They are having a wedding    She likes the end papers but not the book    Carrying the coffeepot on the tray requires two hands   Incompetent was one of the Crimson's swearwords    She spent more and more time in bed waiting for sleep and for dreams    She wrote one page a day in this journal    Answers to 700 questions about the Boston rock scene    Looking to the past for their lost ideas    I didn't want to tear everything down and start again   The folding bed belonged to the poet Swinburne    An answer to a prayer an unbeatable combination    A nice sunshiny day    I can bring to it the same passion and intensity that I thought, for years, I could only bring to the study of Russian history    An off again on again countdown    We have main engine start    It is appropriate to start at the top of the page    Today is the day to water the plant    Harvard prepares to celebrate the 350th anniversary of its founding    The Poetry Project's grant from the National Endowment was cut from 50,000 to 20,000    A Handwritten Modern Classic is difficult to read.